Post-Operation Kit for Progressive Hair Loss 12 Months


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  • 4x Complex 5
  • 4x Progressive anti-hair loss treatment
  • 4x Vitalfan progressive anti-hair loss
  • 4x Triphasic Shampoo
  • 4x Shea Shampoo hydra
  • 4x Shampoo 5 senses

Complex 5:

- The essential care for the strength and beauty of hair

- Tones the scalp and strengthens the hair from the root

- Use alone or combined with a René Furterer personalized care ritual


Progressive anti-hair loss treatment:

- Slows down hair loss

- Boosts growth

- Extends the life of hair

- Increases hair density


Vitalfan progressive anti-hair loss:

- Contributes to the metabolism of macronutrients such as hair keratin

- Help to regulate hormonal activity

- Help protect cells from oxidative stress


Trihasic shampoo:

- Ideal complement to Trihasic and RF80 fall control treatments

- Acts at the heart of the follicular papilla at the origin of hair growth

- Promotes vascularization and microcirculation of the scalp

- Biospheres full of essential oils and natural Pfaffia extract

- More resistant, hair is easy to untangle, soft and shiny


Shea shampoo hydra:

- Hydrates dry hair and brings comfort to the scalp

- Protects scalp and hair

- Makes untangling easier

- The hair regains softness, suppleness and shine, in all lightness

- Silicone-free


Shampoo 5 senses:

- Smooth lava

- Feeds on a daily basis without weighing down

- Instant shine

- Silicone-free